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Our pledge to you

TES India pledges that our members can download and share user-generated resources free of charge for ever.

We are committed to protecting the privacy of our members' personal data and promise never to sell or share it with any third party.

TES India - About Us

Developed by teachers for teachers, TES India features more than 5,00,000 free high-quality teaching resources, including worksheets, activities and lesson plans all mapped to class, subject and topic. The wealth of free resources on TES India allows the 7 million teachers in India to share and benefit from each other’s resources, worksheets, activities and lesson plans in order to drive excellence in the education sector.

TES India also provides an online community where teachers can collaborate with, encourage and inspire each other.

TES India was developed by TES Connect, the largest network of teachers in the world.

About TES

The story of the TES is an extraordinary one: its digital community is one of the fastest growing of any profession globally, as well as a 100-year heritage at the center of teaching and the education community. Today, with more than 3.6 million registered online users in 279 countries and territories, it is the world’s largest online network of teachers. More than 4.9 million resources are downloaded from the TES websites a week, with ten TES resources downloaded a second. Home to more than 780,000 individually crafted teaching resources developed by teachers for teachers, this unparalleled collection helps to guide, inform and inspire educators around the world.

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